Unidentified Chococo Object | Ginger Carving Seasoning

For 6 persons :

- 100 gr grated coconut 
- 130 g sweetened condensed milk
- 100 g of dark chocolate

Coco Rock:
- 90 gr grated coconut
- 40 g of sugar 
- 2 whites egg



    1. Coconut rock: Mix the sugar, grated coconut and egg whites.
    2. Form small domes 2cm high.
    3. Bake for 10 minutes at 180°C.
    4. Bounty: Melt the chocolate.
    5. Mix grated coconut and sweetened condensed milk.
    6. Make discs 15cm in diameter, then let them harden slightly in the freezer.
    7. Remove the disks from the freezer and cover with melted chocolate.
    8. Glue the domes on the discs using the melted chocolate.
    9. Allow the chocolate to harden.
    10. Enjoy your saucers with shavings of Ginger Carving Seasoning.