OCNI = Unidentified Edible Objects

OCNI is a company created in 2014 specialized a design one innovation eating based at Mejannes-les-Ales in the Gard.
🥳 Benoit The Guein, the Savant Food, is trained in pastry and cooking, contemporary art and product design: He is theinventor of OCNIs. 

✏️ 1er OCNI : theCarving seasoning.
This is'a condiment in the shape of a pencil presented with a pencil sharpener.
Playful and delicious, he carves himself directly on the plate erect. Range matters a dozen references which evolves over the seasons with, in particular, boletus of Corrèze, of the scams from Vaucluse, fromblack garlic from Drôme or even from Espelette pepper.

🍅 In 2022, a new OCNI is born:
A condiment presented in the form of a grating bottle. Two references are available:
- Ketchup tomato, smoked paprika & rosemary
- Mustard sweet curry
Using a grater or peeler sprinkle shavings on your plates.

🌳 All the ingredients that make up our products are original natural, vegetable, sourced with care And was. We are using raw products And Natural aromas for taste,agar-agar for texture and salt of Guerande a you cider vinegar for preservation.

🏭 OCNI is a passionate team of 8 people:
The co-founders, Benoit LeGuein & Tristan Cano. 
Celine in charge of preparing your orders. 
Elodie, jerome And Jonathan who produce your pencils and bottles with love. Karine who will answer all your questions and business inquiries.