Created in 2014, OCNI Factory is a young company of seven employees specialised in food innovation, based in Méjannes-lès-Alès, close Alès city, in the south of France. We develop OCNI: Objets Comestibles Non Identifiés (Unidentified Edible Objects).

The first OCNIs in our range are Seasoning pencils: tasty seasonings in the form of pencils for sharpening that add a playful twist to your meals, a stylish aesthetic to your plate and, most importantly, a burst of flavour in your mouth. Our seasoning pencils are produced by artisanal methods in our workshop, from exclusively plant-based ingredients, most of which are organically grown.
Our mission: save you from boring meals with good products, innovation, and fun!

At the beginning, the starting point is the meeting of two talents with each in their specialty areas: Benoît Le Guein, the food designer and Tristan Cano, the businessman.

The career path of our “Food Savant”, Benoit, is the starting point of the Seasoning Pencils.
Benoit is a trained pastry chef, cook, contemporary artist and culinary designer with a passion for innovating with food and gelling techniques. The Seasoning Pencil is his first OCNI (unidentified edible object), but he won’t stop there. Other innovations are sure to follow!