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NHK - Japanese Morning Show 

Presentation of Seasonings to be cut by our Japanese partner.

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France 3 - 12/13

`` Today we are showing off Seasonings to carve in Tokyo! ''

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France 5 - The daily 

"It's an innovation!"

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M6 - Prohibited area

Paris Fair 2018: revolution of our houses!

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Made in France Fair

`` Interview with Tristan Cano live from the Made in France Show ''

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"You are sure to surprise the person you are going to give it to, who they will surprise their guests for sure!"

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France 3 PACA

"A real explosion of flavor in the mouth"

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Europe 1

"It's very astonishing, clever and clever!"

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France blue Hérault
"A small revolution!"

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"OCNI cuts condiments on top of your plates, it's raining, it's great!"

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"Crazy condiments"

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 Free Midi

"You will no longer season your dishes in the same way"

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 The world

Reason and condiments

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 The Parisian

"Foire de Paris: five innovative objects to find."

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20 minutes

"They invented the first seasoning in the form of a sharpening pencil."

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"IThey surf the art of living and French gastronomy"

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Consumer response

"What to amaze his guests"

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Sylvain Zaffaroni - Food innovations

Interview with Benoit Le Guein, co-founder of OCNI Factory

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Le Devoir - Journal Québécois

"The eyes widen at the sight of these beautiful translucent shavings that form. My little demonstration caused a sensation."

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The Marseillaise

"Let yourself be guided by curiosity"

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"Original and very tasty, as beautiful as they are good"

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"No more powders, long live shavings!"

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The Gazette of Nîmes

"It is visually elegant, the taste is subtly raised"

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Emotions - The French art of living by De Dietrich

"Perfect to entertain our guests and give relief to a dish"

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The little Frenchies - The nuggets

"OCNI draws you the ultimate touch of your gourmet dishes with its flavored sharpening pencils"

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"A startup that is reinventing the way we eat"

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