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1/ What are the Dressing Seasonings made of?
Carving Seasonings are composed of raw products, organic condiments, natural flavors, Guérande salt, organic agar-agar (red seaweed extract) and locust bean gum (vegetable gum). They are produced according to an artisanal recipe with only natural products.

2/ How to use the Carving Seasonings?
After cooking, prepare your plates or bites. 
Now cut a few shavings on top to enhance your dishes.
If your dishes are hot, the shavings will not melt because agar-agar melts at a temperature of 80°C and more. The shavings will then keep their shape to bring flavor and elegance to your meal.

3/ How many meals can I make with a Carving Seasoning?
There are approximately 120 shavings in an 18g pencil. A shaving is ideal on a bite during your aperitifs and cocktail parties.
Eight to ten shavings perfectly season a dish when making a meal. A pencil will therefore accompany at least three meals for four people or some of your "aperitif" evenings.

4/ Can I use the pencil sharpener for other purposes?
The pencil sharpener was designed to measure and especially to be able to sharpen pencils. It is best to keep this sharpener for "sharpening" Seasonings.
Maintenance: once used, run the pencil sharpener under lukewarm water to remove small pieces of shavings. It is also possible to put it in the dishwasher.

5/ How can I store the Dressing Seasonings?
It is advisable to keep the Seasonings to cut away from light. You can keep them at room temperature or in the fridge.

6/ Until when can I consume the Carving seasonings?
We recommend that you consume Seasonings to cut preferably within 9 months, the date of consumption being indicated on your packaging. It is on the visible label on the bottle cap.

No preservatives were used in the manufacture of Carving Seasonings. The vinegar and salt used in the recipe are perfect natural preservatives.

7/ Where are the Dressing Seasonings produced?
Dressing seasonings are produced in Alès in the Cévennes.

8/ But, what does OCNI mean?
Hahaha, we like to think that we are the UFOs of the kitchen 👽

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