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| Welcome to my studio |

🚀 I came with the crew of theUfoplat with one goal: to save your meals from boredom!
For this, I founded the first factory ofUnidentified Edible Objects on earth.
A subtle blend of good food and innovation to revolutionize your daily life.
Healthy and fun products for a better diet.
THE OCULAR are the materialization of this graph, 
A three-dimensional space of innovative culinary objects delimited by precise specifications.
The first OCNI of the range is called theCarving seasoning, it's a flavor pencil to sharpen to spice up your dishes. Its chips are used directly at the table like fleur de sel. 
For information, you can't write on your plate with a Carving seasoning.
😄 Otherwise, I would have created the Unidentified Pen Objects. 😄
The next OCULAR of the range will be released in 2021, I can't reveal anything to you at the moment except of course that we will cook it with love.
Visit me from time to time at the workshop, this is probably the first place where I will share my news.
Waiting for, Cut, Taste and Share your Carving seasonings on social media with #OCNIINVADERS to participate in the invasion of OCULAR on earth.

| The Food Savant |