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A creative Valentine's Day without breaking the bank

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you still don't know how to celebrate it? Vou want a surprise, an atypical evening, in short, a different Valentine's Day from the previous year. 
And you are right ! 
If for once, we forgot the traditional restaurant that we always book unprepared or that we suffer at the last moment, for lack of space? 
This year, we invite you to take charge of your kitchen, put on your most beautiful apron and become Head of the kitchen time for an evening to spice up your Valentine's Day!

Idées repas de Saint-Valentin pour une soirée pleine de surprises, les Assaisonnements à tailler OCNI Factory

A Valentine's Day menu to suit you, to surprise him/her

For a good surprise, all you need to do is combine creativity, good taste and imagination. 
It is often said that the best way to touch the heart of a man or woman is through their stomach.
For what? Because eating well also means awakening your senses and your curiosity! 
So we give free rein to your imagination to choose with taste which dish you should concoct to please the chosen one of your heart, and if you need a helping hand, go see here our delicious recipes… :)
For creativity, we take care of everything with our Chilli & Garlic Carving Seasoning. Find it right here, there. We told you that the evening was going to be spicy? 

Simply cut a few shavings of Seasoning to cut on your dish or on your toast, close your eyes and let your taste buds taste for you ;)

The 6 reasons to spend Valentine's Day with OCNI Factory

  • This recipe also works with singles for a Valentine's Day without Valentine.
  • We have the right to surprise everyone, so we can invite whoever we want and cut, share and taste with friends.
  • Finally a Valentine's Day without breaking the bank for small budgets
  • For once, we eat what we want!
  • We become a Chef & culinary designer, and we win the admiration of the whole table ;)
  • The best Valentine's Day gift: You bring your sweetheart, your wife, your husband, your lover... to another planet. And that’s cool because apart from a robot, no one has yet been to Mars :)  

Remember to love each other, and Happy Valentine's Day! 
With all our love, 
The OCNI Factory team