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les recharges d'assaisonnement à tailler OCNI
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🖍️ Chip to chip

An 18g Seasoning is 120 shavings for your plates.

Le Savant Food recommends:

- 1 shavings on a bite
- 5 to 10 shavings on a plate

🥣 Accords

Black garlic is ideal with Asian cuisine, bitter chocolate, simmered dishes, wok vegetables and raw fish.

Smoked black garlic is ideal with poultry, Japanese cuisine, soups and raw fish.

Basil (ORGANIC) is ideal with Mediterranean cuisine, red fruits, raw vegetables, goat cheese and citrus fruits.

Porcini mushroom is ideal with South-West cuisine, game, fresh cheese, soups and risotto.

Candied lemon (ORGANIC) is ideal with fatty fish, yellow fruits, oriental cuisine, marinated vegetables and raw vegetables.

Curry & turmeric (ORGANIC) is ideal with grilled vegetables, fatty fish, Indian cuisine, white meat and sweet and savory dishes.

Fig & cinnamon (ORGANIC) is ideal with goat cheese, foie gras, roast meats and vanilla desserts.

Raspberry & tarragon (ORGANIC) is ideal with goat cheese, poultry, grilled fish, chocolate desserts.

Passion fruit & lime (ORGANIC) is ideal with goat cheese, poultry, grilled fish and chocolate desserts.

Tomato & Smoked Paprika (ORGANIC) is ideal with Spanish cuisine, grilled vegetables, savory pies, seafood, soups and gratins.

Grapefruit & Timut pepper (ORGANIC) is ideal with grilled vegetables, seafood, duck and fruit desserts.

Pastis & aniseed spices (Organic) is ideal with seafood, raw vegetables, grilled fish, poultry and fruit desserts.

Espelette pepper (ORGANIC) is ideal with Basque cuisine, chocolate desserts, poached fish, grilled meats and cold soups.

Chili & garlic (ORGANIC) is ideal with Italian cuisine, charcuterie, barbecues, candied vegetables and seafood.

Saffron (ORGANIC) is ideal with seafood, fresh cheese, white fish, citrus fruits and risotto.

Smoked soy sauce is ideal with grilled fish, vegetables, stews and sushi.

Black truffle is ideal with root vegetables, risottos, cheeses, eggs and grilled meats.

Yuzu is ideal with Japanese cuisine, fish, salads and fruit tarts.

Complete list of ingredients and nutritional values ​​per 100g in the sectionSeasonings to cut.

📅 Conservation

The Seasoning Pencils ordered have a MBD (minimum durability date) of 9 months.

Once this date has passed, they can be consumed without risk several months later. However, the taste will be less pronounced and the pencil may be more fragile.

Store away from light.

Be at the forefront

Refills of all our flavors of Seasonings to never stop sharpening Pencils at the table. An exclusively plant-based recipe cooked with ❤️ in Alès in the Cévennes.

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Brigitte B.

Excellent produit livraison rapide

Anais G.

Des supers produits, originaux et une livraison rapide

test safran

agréable surprise,sympa et pratique à utiliser et le goût y est ! ;)

colette L.
coffret découverte

Cadeau très original a offrir ,le produit est parfait et pratique a utiliser.

evelyne m.
Crayons aromatiques

Produit conforme a mon attente, goût subtil et délicat, très pratique - emballage en bon état et vite livré