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Article: We tell you about our OCNIANS Ambassadors #6: Au Paradis des Papilles

On vous parle de nos Ambassadeurs OCNIENS #6 : Au Paradis des Papilles

We tell you about our OCNIANS Ambassadors #6: Au Paradis des Papilles

Dear Ocnivores, 

Gaël from the delicatessen '' Au Paradis des Papilles '' tells his adventure with pencils by answering our questions!


Quick overview of your store:
Au Paradis des Papilles (wholesaler for delicatessens) opened its direct sales store in November 2018.
You can find the whole range "Au Paradis des Papilles": Spreads, terrines, jams, almonds, Provençal biscuits...
But Gaël also wanted to offer natural and quality products that are out of the ordinary.
OCNI chopping seasonings were a no-brainer.

How long have you been a partner of OCNI?
We have been offering the pencils since the beginning of February 2019.

What are your customers' feedback?
Customers are pleasantly surprised by the idea in a 1istime, then comes the tasting time and that's my favorite time: watching their reaction.
They are amazed by the smell, the taste, the presentation, then comes the time to give them ideas for uses.
Regulars come back regularly either for refills or to offer boxes, "It changes flowers they tell me"

Why did you choose OCNI in your store?
I chose OCNI pencils for several things, the first is the most important, 100% natural.
Then it's nice to see original, natural and very useful products designed and manufactured in France.

Ideas for an upcoming pencil flavor?
Why not with peppers, seaweed, or even cheese (parmesan, roquefort, etc.)

To discover Au Paradis des Papilles: 

In the paradise of taste buds
Dauphine Street
ZA les Bastides Blanches
04220 Sainte-Tulle
Such :
Site :

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