We tell you about our OCNIANS Ambassadors #8: Coffee beans

Dear Ocnivores, 

Grégory and Katia from the ''Grains de café'' shop tell us how pencils have invaded their shelves! 



Quick overview of your store:
The store has existed since 1982 in Châteauroux. Our Boutique is focused on 4 sales sectors, roasting and sale of coffee, tea with Dammann, fine chocolate with Bonnet et Mercier and we have quality products in delicatessens. (Belle Isloise, Terres Exotiques, Ocni). Namely that we took over the store in April 2019, we will keep the very essence of the store (coffees, teas, chocolates) but are bringing new products like Ocni, which is younger and more modern. 

How long have you been a partner of OCNI?
The partnership started in July 2019. 

What are your customers' feedback?
The feedback is excellent, they're quite surprised by the concept, but once they've been offered a taste, they agree and think it's an excellent idea. 

Why did you choose OCNI in your store?
Because we are looking for quality and innovative products, Ocni totally matched this idea. Being an exclusive distributor in Châteauroux was also important for us in standing out from the competition. 

Any ideas for an upcoming pencil flavor?
Herbes de Provence, Truffles, peppers and why not sweet.

To discover The Coffee Bean:

Coffee beans
1 place of the Republic,
36000 Chateauroux
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