Citrus panna cotta | Saffron carving seasoning

Recipe imagined by Arthur Huet, assistant of the Savant Food

For 2 people :

- 50 cl of cream 
- 50 g of sugar
- 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
- Vanilla extract
- 2 gr of agar agar 
- 3 oranges 
- 50 caster sugar (syrup)
    1. Mix cream, sugar and vanilla extract.
    2. Heat the mixture and stop just before boiling.
    3. Mix the agar agar with the vanilla sugar and incorporate into the still hot mixture (about 80/90°C).
    4. Pour the preparation into verrines and leave to cool for 45 minutes in the refrigerator.   
    5. Lift the supremes of two oranges.
    6. Mix 100 g of water with 50 g of sugar and bring to the boil.
    7. Zest the last orange and confit the zest.
    8. Remove the zest from the syrup once candied and leave to cool.
    9. Pour the cold syrup over the orange supremes and arrange your supreme salad and the candied zest on your panna cotta.
    10. Cut a few saffron shavings and enjoy!