This year, it will cut into your holiday plates!


A few hours from Christmas Eve and a week from New Year's Eve, it was high time to give you some tips for using your favorite pencils for the holidays!

So between two productions of pencils in the lab and in the middle of preparing your orders Arthur, assistant of the Savant Food, has made for you superb recipes to impress your guests. 

Are you ready ? So let's go my OCNI, 1, 2, 3 prune!

Foie gras, apple and coffee | Black Garlic Carving Seasoning
Warm beet and goat cheese cream | Ginger Carving Seasoning

 And because there is still a little room for dessert:

Lemon verbena cupcakes | Saffron carving seasoning
mint chocolate truffles | Hot Pepper Carving Seasoning

Now, all we have to do is wish you a very happy holiday season! 

The OCNI team