New Carving Seasonings are coming!

Dear OCNIAN friends,
New Carving Seasonings are coming!
¬†It's time to get to know these brand new flavors ūüėä
Don't wait any longer and discover our new Lime, Lemongrass and Cep OCNI!

    A mojito flavored with a few lime shavings
    And an avocado and prawn toast revived by Lemongrass petals.
    All you have to do is enjoy, smile and share!
    Carving Seasoning Citron vert pairs perfectly with fruit;
    mango, melon or even watermelon.
    A few shavings to spice up salmon or scallops. 
    It is ideal to bring a touch of freshness for the summer! 
    And why not on gingerbread or with mint tabbouleh.

      About our Carving Seasoning Lemongrass, this one goes very well with vegetables.
      Arrange a few petals of Lemongrass over sweet potato fries
      Or on a tomato carpaccio, and voila ! 
      For the greediest OCNIANS, cut a few shavings on a chocolate fondant
      or an orange cake to treat yourself.

        In keeping with our region, the Seasoning to cut boletus
        is ideal with cheese: goat, Comté or Parmesan. 
        A few shavings on aioli or on a toast, garnish with a drizzle of olive oil
        will be perfect for your Friday evening aperitifs. 
        And why not on a duck breast, raw ham or foie gras ! 

          Article by Alessandra Saenen