The OCNI adventure, a new turning point.

L'équipe OCNI de départ


In the beginning, the OCNI Factory adventure is the meeting of 3 talents in their fields and specialties: 1 Benoit Le Guein, the creative, 2 with Nadia Lahrichi and 3 Tristan Cano, the sales pros, Nadia in Canada and Tristan In France. Almost 3 years ago, we were proud to launch the Dressing Seasonings, designed by Benoit, simultaneously in France and Canada.

Since then, the OCNI Factory planet has developed in these two markets, meeting great success there. Then, over the months, we noticed that these two markets, French and Canadian, were very distinct and had specific expectations. Alternative projects, some carried out by the Canadian teams and the others by the French teams, have therefore emerged on each side of the Atlantic. Also, on the strength of this observation, our 3 talents decided that it was now time for everyone to take flight in order to go towards what their audience expects in order to continue to respond to them with as much success as ever.

Thus, the adventure will now continue with two: OCNI Factory from France, led by Benoit and Tristan and Foodie Family with the Food Crayon brand led from Canada by Nadia.

We take advantage of this communication to thank all our loved ones, family, friends, customers and fans from the very beginning who have supported us from the beginning and without whom none of this would have been possible.

See you soon !