We tell you about our OCNIANS Ambassadors #4: La Boutique Nîmoise

Dear Ocnivores,

Today we went to meet Alice from The Nîmes Boutique. Dressing seasonings invaded the shop in February 2019. We asked Alice a few questions, who answered us!

Can you quickly present your shop to us?
La Boutique Nîmoise brings together in one place, in the city center of Nîmes, the best products and specialties of Nîmes and its region, from the Camargue to the Cévennes.
You will find delicatessen products, savory or sweet, as well as local crafts and cosmetics.

How long have you been an OCNI partner:
I met the founders of OCNI Factory in Alès in February 2019, and I have been selling Seasonings to cut in my shop for 1 month.

What's your favorite Carving Seasoning? 
I particularly like Lime and Ginger, which go just as well with fish as with fruit-based desserts.

What are your customers' feedback? 
The first feedback is very positive: customers like the playful and innovative side of these pencils, which arouse their curiosity. They are generally surprised by the intensity and authenticity of the taste when tasting it. They also really want to introduce this product to their loved ones and often buy it as a gift.

Why did you choose OCNI in your store? 
All La Boutique Nîmoise products are made in the Gard. It is therefore fortunate that OCNI is based in Alès!

Beyond the geographical aspect, I chose OCNI because I myself was convinced by the products, their taste, their fun, modern and innovative side, and their 100% natural composition, without additives or colorings. . I like the idea of ​​bringing together in my shop local products deeply rooted in regional traditions (brandade or olive oil from Nîmes, Camargue bull gardiane, etc.) with very innovative local products, created by daring young people full of ideas, such as OCNI pencils or "clean" cosmetics based on ingredients from the Cévennes, gluten-free biscuits made from Camargue rice flour, etc.

Any ideas for an upcoming pencil flavor? 
Why not flavors from the garrigue: thyme, rosemary, olive...? I also imagine many possible uses for a mint-flavored pencil! 

Do you want to discover La Boutique Nîmes?

5 Republic Street
30900 NIMES