OCNI Factory and Alpina Savoie are joining forces to save your meals from boredom!

Create an explosion of flavors in your dish through 6 tasty recipes, this is the challenge that OCNI has taken up by partnering with Alpina Savoie, two 100% French companies. 

The oldest semolina maker in France, Alpina Savoie produces pasta and couscous from 100% French durum wheat.
Our French Filière pasta is made in the pastier tradition with bronze molds and slow drying at low temperatures which allows the products to retain all their flavors and richness. As part of an ethical approach, our French durum wheat sector ensures a fair income for our 60 partner farmers. Our demanding specifications guarantee zero pesticide residue on all our French Filière Pasta.

It is the passion and know-how passed down over 6 generations that allow Alpina Savoie to offer healthy and demanding products, grown with respect for the Earth and people.

Each week, a recipe will be revealed to you on our Facebook and Instagram pages.