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Article: Reusing OCNI cases

Réutiliser ses étuis OCNI

Reusing OCNI cases

What to do with the OCNI cases once the pencils have been devoured?


Dear ocnivores, we bring you some answers...
At a time when recycling is inevitable, let's enter art and its movement devoted to the diversion of objects to become Ocniartists!


In a flower pot, to store your spices, your screws and nails or even your makeup brushes, fill it with vinaigrette to take it in your lunch box...

Let your imagination run wild!

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Le pique-nique c'est parti !

The picnic is on!

In spring, in summer, the picnic is in the air!  Seasonings to cut are invited to your outdoor meals to enjoy the sun and bring originality to your preparations!  Give them a chance, and ...

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Utiliser la fin des Assaisonnements à tailler !

Use the end of the Seasonings to cut!

Ocnian tip of the day!   My dear Ocnivores, Today I want to share a tip with you: how to use the end of a pencil? Good question isn't it? 😊 Indeed, after having sharpened your pencil nearly 120 tim...

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