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Article: Use the end of the Seasonings to cut!

Utiliser la fin des Assaisonnements à tailler !

Use the end of the Seasonings to cut!

Ocnian tip of the day!
My dear Ocnivores,
Today I want to share a tip with you: how to use the end of a pencil? Good question isn't it? 😊
Indeed, after having sharpened your pencil nearly 120 times (for having counted myself), there remains a small piece at the end sometimes a little difficult to sharpen.
How to reuse it? Arthur, the Savant Food assistant searched and Arthur found.

Here are our tips:

OCNidea 1: Use your pencil end in a cream 

  • 100g fresh cream 30% fat
  • 3 gr of pencil end

Use of hot cream:

  • Like a white butter (on fish).
  • On a plate of pasta (replacing pesto and tomato sauce).
  • Like a Béarnaise sauce (with meat).

Use of cold cream:

  • Like a mayonnaise sauce (potato salad, raw vegetables…).
  • Like a fromage blanc sauce (for an aperitif…).
  • As a base on pizzas or sandwiches to be baked.

OCNidea 2: Melt the end of your pencil in butter

  • 50g unsalted butter
  • 3 gr of pencil end

Use of melted butter:

  • Put on fish.
  • As fat for cooking vegetables or other.
  • To make the preparation of sauce (hollandaise and béarnaise).

Use of cold butter:

  • To be eaten alone on a slice of bread.
  • In the form of a pebble like a maître d'hôtel butter (meat).
  • To use instead of your cooking butter (salty and hot preparation, for appetizers, etc.).

OCNidea 3: Grate the end of the Seasonings to cut! 

Your pencil ends can be simply grated using a microplane or a cheese grater and here are some examples:

  • Fish rillettes: Candied lemon; Lime ; Shallot
  • Hummus: Candied Lemon; Lime ; chilli and garlic
  • Cream of herbs (for potato…): Cep; Saffron; Basil
  • Guacamole: Hot pepper; Espelette; Black Garlic

 Of course in grated form, the pencils can be used in the same way as in the form of shavings.

If you want to impress your friends or family in all circumstances, and you are short on time and ingredients, think OCNI. And, you are saved! Plus it doesn't mess up! 😉
Do you have any great tips for using the end of your pencil too? So feel free to share them with us.

Treat yourself ! 

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