Grenaille potatoes | Seasoning to cut Cep

Recipe imagined by Arthur Huet, assistant of the Savant Food

For 2 people :

- 500 g baby potatoes 
- Rosemary
- Thyme
- Coriander
- 25g butter
- 1 clove of garlic
    1. Rinse the potatoes.
    2. Chop the garlic clove and sauté over low heat with butter and the chopped herbs. 
    3. Fry the potatoes in a bit of oil.
    4. Arrange the potatoes in a dish, add some of the herb butter and cook for 20 minutes at 180°C.  
    5. Halfway through cooking, add the end of the butter.
    6. Turn off the oven and leave the potatoes inside.
    7. Before serving, return the potatoes to 220°C in grill mode to brown them well. 
    8. Remove fat, salt, pepper and add chopped fresh herbs.
    9. Serve with a few shavings of the Cèpe sharpening pencil.