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Article: TEQUILA PAF | Candied lemon shavings

Cocktail Tequila Paf & Citron confit

TEQUILA PAF | Candied lemon shavings

Recipe made by: Sophie Duval, Louison Recolin, Steven Salendres and Enzo Pradier.

Students in BTS Hospitality and Catering at CFA Sud Formation CCI Nîmes Marguerittes.

For 1 person:
- 3cl of Tequila
- Tonic style "Schweppes"
- 1 Candied Lemon Carving Seasoning

  1. Pour the Tequila into a shot glass and add the Tonic
  2. Place a few shavings of Candied Lemon Seasoning on the tongue
  3. hit the glass
  4. Drink chilled

To consume with moderation !

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