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Article: We tell you about our OCNIANS Ambassadors #1: La Catalane

On vous parle de nos Ambassadeurs OCNIENS #1 : La Catalane

We tell you about our OCNIANS Ambassadors #1: La Catalane

Dear Ocnivores,
We decided to tell you about our best ambassadors...
All the women and men who every day from their super shops all over France talk, cut and make taste the Seasonings to cut.
Today, we asked some questions to Corinne responsible for the shops The Catalan in Nantes, official OCNI distributor since October 2018.
Could you tell us about your shop in a few words?
La Catalane is a delicatessen in the heart of Nantes, opened in December 2017, specializing in artisanal products from Catalonia and more generally from the south of France and northern Spain.
There you can find all the Iberian cold cuts direct from the breeder, olive oils, vinegars, mustards and now OCNI condiment pencils, wines and sangrias, biscuits, typical prepared dishes (such as Boles de Picolat, Zarzuela, Catalan-style rabbit...) honey and turrón, tapenades and spices, and even espadrilles! Corinne, the manager, likes to defend craftsmanship and has a passion for taste buds...

How long have you been an OCNI partner?
Since October 2018, while browsing the web and falling (by chance?) on these fabulous pencils, I couldn't help but write to Les Ocniens and I immediately loved the concept.

Why did you choose Dressing Seasonings in your shop?
* le made in France
* the fact that they are 100% natural
* craftsmanship from the south of France
* the innovative and fun nature of the product

What is your favorite pencil?
Uh... all! Come on, we're going to give a ++ mention to the Candied Lemon, Chilli and Garlic, Black Garlic and Basil pencils.

What are your customers' feedback on our products?
Only positive, they underline the fact of surprising and impressing their guests, or are delighted to offer something that changes to a gourmet friend.
Appreciated packaging,
Request from a regular customer: a vertical pencil tray (wood? Metal?) to better store them in the kitchen cupboard (I said I'll talk about it!)

Any ideas for an upcoming pencil flavor?
Oregano/candied tomato
Sechuan pepper
Bañyuls red vinegar (I have contacts! 😉)
Balsamic vinegar
Want to go to the store?!
The Catalan
18 rue Franklin, 44000 Nantes
02 51 82 47 72
Facebook page of La Catalane

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