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Article: We tell you about our OCNIANS Ambassadors #2: Au Gré des Sens

On vous parle de nos Ambassadeurs OCNIENS #2 : Au Gré des Sens

We tell you about our OCNIANS Ambassadors #2: Au Gré des Sens

Dear Ocnivores,

Today we present to you the Au Grés des Sens store located in Calvisson in the Gard, just next to Nîmes, official OCNI distributor since June 2018. We asked Cathy, the manager, a few questions.

Could you tell us about your shop in a few words?
Our shop is a very recent delicatessen since it will be 1 year old on April 3. We created ACCORDING TO THE SENSES with my partner and we wanted to get away from the image of the traditional delicatessen, we wanted a warm and modern style where our customers feel good. The choice of products being local, regional, natural, healthy, and as much as possible from a short circuit. While finding innovative products that are not found everywhere and especially not in supermarkets.

Why did you choose Dressing Seasonings in your shop?
In fact, I discovered you on the Zone Interdite show on Sunday evening when you were at the Paris Expo. I fell in love with your concept and your products, when you contacted me following a vision of my instagram account I was delighted and I placed an order.

What is your favorite pencil?
My favorite pencil is the boletus, I love the boletus. In pasta, rice, mashed potatoes I put it everywhere.

What are your customers' feedback on our products? 
My customers love your products, for small gifts, for an invitation and for themselves.

Any ideas for an upcoming pencil flavor? 

Why not parsley or pepper or even mango to add a touch of salty sweetness.

Want to go to the store?!
At the discretion of the senses
5 merchant street ZA du Vigné
30420 Calvisson
04 66 63 44 17
Facebook page At the mercy of the Senses

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